Putting the Person First

Disabled persons face serious challenges in finding jobs. Assistance programs are often complex and poorly coordinated, forcing individuals to piece together information and to develop work strategies on their own. Employers are often reluctant to hire the disabled, which can discourage them from looking for work. Wasla outsourcing strives to help persons with disabilities find and keep jobs; and to break the stereotypes.

The company shows a high degree of flexibility tailoring its employment approach to individual needs and capacities and focusing on each person’s goals and abilities.

Hiring disabled persons gives Wasla outsourcing access to a larger talent pool and exposes the company to fresh ideas and viewpoints that enable it to improve its service quality.


 “Al-Noor & Al-Amal” Team ..Dreams Do Come True

Challenging disability could lead to stunning success. This has been demonstrated in the Wasla outsourcing and “Al-Noor & Al-Amal” Association initiative that has provided blind and partially sighted individuals with a call center career.We have been able to build one of the first call centers for the blind in the Middle East and we continue to create jobs for blind girls. Wasla outsourcing provides them with the necessary training and they have proven to be as highly skilled and efficient as the fully sighted; even better.The opportunities that Wasla provides to the blind and visually impaired are quite significant. Wasla outsourcing turns dreams into reality.