Wasla Outsourcing established in the year 2003 to provide outsourced Contact Centrer & BPO Services to its clients in Egypt, the region, and globally. Wasla Outsourcing is a joint stock company majority owned by Paradise Capital. Wasla Outsourcing is a leading Egyptian Outsourcing company that enables organizations to strengthen the value of their relationship with their customers.


“We will efficiently provide an array of value added BPO services the effectively address the needs of diverse industries serving Local and International markets through leveraged talent human pool and technology expertise”


Our vision is to be regionally market share leader in each of the markets we serve.



Wasla Outsourcing is a leading Egyptian company that enables organizations to strengthen the value of their relationship with their customers. Wasla Outsourcing is focused on providing exceptional value to its clients by building world class capabilities, delivering high quality services, and ensuring that the services provided are priced competitively. Wasla Outsourcing works with its clients to fully understand their needs and offer them customized solutions that turn customer interaction into a competitive advantage. Knowing that they are receiving high quality services and exceptional value, Wasla Outsourcing’s clients are free to focus on their core business and increase their profitability.management practices and key metrics/measurements for customer-centric service operations designed to improve customer satisfaction through improved service and quality, increase revenue and reduce the cost of providing excellent service. With the COPC standards, Wasla can dramatically lower costs while maintaining or improving service quality as well as client and end-user satisfaction. Wasla is able to provide its clients with unique and consistent service characterized by high quality, cost effectiveness and commitment to business and organizational development. We are looking forward to further exceed our clients’ expectations as a part of our quest to enhance our competitiveness, organizational intelligence, and efficiency.